IMG_9547 January 23

My Open Letter to my Tall Tree Family

My Open Letter to my Tall Tree Family; Last year was my first time seeing your faces, hearing the music and being part of something so incredibly HUGE as the Tall Tree Music Festival. I tried repeatedly, over the last year, to describe to people what this festival is like but there really isn’t anything […]

let-the-love-in-poster January 16

Let the LOVE IN: join us on Feb 4th to raise funds for our Make Music Now Program!

Let the LOVE IN PEOPLE! Victoria’s own Fox Glove and Sam Weber are coming together with Vancouver’s Luca Fogale on February 4th at Alix Goolden Hall for a night of intensely magnetic vocals and compelling music. Partial proceeds go to the Tall Tree Music Program, supporting youth through music in Port Renfrew. Not unlike the […]

talltreeset December 16

Doprah Spinfree 2016 Tall Tree Set

Jordan Hutchinson, also known as Doprah Spinfree is a Vancouver-based producer/turntablist. Borrowing inspiration from golden era hip hop, wonky fidget basslines, and the thriving funk scene in Western Canada, Doprah Spinfree constantly evolves throughout electronic music – playing to the crowd’s imagination. With nostalgic beats and modern baselines, Doprah Spinfree thrives towards bringing a groovy bass heavy experience.

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-12-06-33-pm November 28

The Funkee Wadd’s Tall Tree 2016 Set Out Now!

Relive the awesome with The Funkee Wadd’s 2016 Tall Tree set!   Check out the Pumpkin and Jon H Tribute Set below:

spirit tent June 29

Check Out Rennie Foster, Nathan Jonson + Adam Marshall

The Spirit Tree is that active agent in Tall Tree that keeps the festival moving as a perpetual force. It’s the link, or bridge we might say, that binds the flow of all three days into one beautiful and cohesive time of different musical genres. For all you Tall Tree rookies out there, the Spirit […]

TallTreeDay1-181 June 28

What You Need To Know for Tall Tree 2016

A few days to go and we couldn’t be more excited to share year number SEVEN with all of you! This year there are many themes, activities and brand new additions to Tall Tree – making your festival experience better than ever. While this message is lengthy, we ask that everyone take a few minutes to […]

TT-2016-Theme_Days-IG-02 June 23

Tall Tree Theme Days + Activities for 2016!

At Tall Tree, we take our themes very seriously. A theme is like that shot of espresso you’re getting in that 16oz Americano of yours. Sure the coffee is awesome by itself, but hey, sometimes you need a little extra UMPH. So here is a run down for what you can expect this year at […]