Monthly Archives: May 2013

May 31

Check Out The New Site Features at Tall Tree!

With 29 days to go, the many volunteers, crew and staff are ramping up for another amazing year at The Tall Tree Music Festival.  If you’ve been to the festival before, or if this is your first time, we wanted to highlight the many projects and improvements that are happening on the site as we […]

May 30

Feature Video: Towers and Trees – Montreal/Devil on the Highway (Live at Canoe Brew Pub)

May 29

Feature Artist: Chris Ho

In his reclusive years, Chris Ho spent his time writing and recording at his home in Victoria, BC. Performing live on only the rarest occasions, Chris never hesitated to hand out his music to friends and strangers. He continued this pattern until a faithful fan base began to emerge with signed CDs and eager ears, […]

May 29

Get To Know Port Renfrew

If you’re not already aquainted, Port Renfrew is a community on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, located approximately 2 hours’ drive west of Victoria, British Columbia. Port Renfrew is the western terminus of the Juan de Fuca Trail. Song and Surf and Tall Tree Music Festival also calls Port Renfrew home, […]

May 29

Feature Band: Hey Ocean!

    Hey Ocean is: Ashleigh Ball – Vocals/Flute David Beckingham – Vocals/Guitar Dave Vertesi – Vocals/Bass Often described as one of Canada’s best up-and-coming acts, Hey Ocean is a young band with an extraordinary talent for blending various musical styles into a brand of infectious pop that is uniquely their own. Together, Ashleigh Ball, […]

May 27

Feature Interview with BLUNTFAKTORY a.k.a. Gordon Blunt

Em – “I’m curious, as a kid who were your musical influences?” Gordon – “As little kid I really liked Gary Newman. It was the first electronic music that I ever heard. Oh, and ELO, they had awesome videos and qusai electronic music. When I got a bit older, I went through a heavy metal […]

May 27

Feature Video: A Tribe Called Red – Electric Pow Wow Drum