Agreement Brings Benefits to the Pacheedaht First Nation


For Immediate Release

March 26, 2013

Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation
Pacheedaht First Nation

Agreement brings benefits to the Pacheedaht First Nation

VICTORIA – The Pacheedaht First Nation has signed an agreement with the Province that will bring economic benefits to Pacheedaht First Nation members and southwest Vancouver Island. The signing is a significant step forward in the treaty process.

The Pacheedaht First Nation signed an incremental treaty agreement (ITA) with B.C. that provides land for creating economic opportunities, as well as for community and cultural purposes.

The Pacheedaht First Nation will receive three parcels of land totalling approximately 596 hectares. The land parcels are located southeast of Port Renfrew. One parcel will be transferred upon signing the ITA, one land parcel will be transferred at the signing of an agreement in principle and the final land parcel will be transferred upon the signing of a final agreement.

The land will be transferred in fee simple and will be subject to provincial and federal laws, as well as being subject to local government zoning and taxation. Post-treaty, the ITA land will become treaty settlement lands and will not be reserve land.

Incremental treaty agreements allow First Nations to enjoy benefits in advance of a final agreement. They create incentives to reach further milestones, promote constructive planning opportunities and provide increased certainty over land and resources.

The Pacheedaht First Nation, together with the Ditidaht First Nation, is currently in advanced agreement in principle negotiations under the treaty process.


Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation Minister Ida Chong –

“The Pacheedaht First Nation is actively pursuing business opportunities to benefit its members. This agreement supports that by allowing the benefits of a treaty to flow to the First Nation earlier in the process.”

“There’s no question in the government’s mind that ITAs provide a key tool in reconciliation opportunities for First Nations in the shorter term, while laying the foundation for a treaty.”

Pacheedaht First Nation Chief Marvin McClurg –

“The signing of this incremental treaty agreement is significant for the Pacheedaht People. We see this agreement as an indication that the Province of British Columbia is confident that our negotiations will bring us to a final agreement.”

“Our Traditional Territory is prime lands for eco-tourism; and these ITA lands may be utilized to further showcase the beauty of our home lands; we welcome visitors to visit our traditional lands. It is a very proud day for the Pacheedaht First Nation.”

Quick Facts:

· ITAs are pre-treaty agreements that provide economic opportunities, promote constructive planning and advance treaty-related benefits for First Nations and the Province prior to a final treaty.

· The benefits received through an ITA are considered an advance by B.C. of a portion of the provincial share of a future treaty settlement package.

· Since 2008, B.C. has signed 12 incremental treaty agreements with First Nations, including the agreements with Ditidaht and Pacheedaht.

· Since 1997, Pacheedaht has been negotiating a treaty at a joint table with Ditidaht, under the B.C. treaty process.

· Pacheedaht has approximately 274 members.

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