Check Out The New Site Features at Tall Tree!

With 29 days to go, the many volunteers, crew and staff are ramping up for another amazing year at The Tall Tree Music Festival.  If you’ve been IMG_1992to the festival before, or if this is your first time, we wanted to highlight the many projects and improvements that are happening on the site as we speak.  A shout out to everyone who has put countless hours, weekends and mind power into creating this incredibly unique Westcoast experience… DRUM ROLL PLEASE….
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU TO: Nathan Mark, Clarke Cutler, Chris Welham, Adam Hellicar, Dessy Hatchard, Kevin Banner, K&L Excavating, Chris Philpot from Richlock Rentals, Ryan Kendler, Chris McElroy, Mike Hann, Matt Bezina, Zoe Tucker, Landa Mark, Malanie Wilson, John Wells, Mullet Man, Adam Dayton, Jim Madsen and Max Kendell.  If we forgot anyone, please don’t throw things at us…
1. Newly designed entrance for quicker access from the camp grounds.  This means that traffic (both people and vehicles) will flow quicker, getting you to the music and the festival experience ASAP, with less waiting around.
2. Very importantly, new structures have been built for sun and rain in a variety of different areas within the grounds.  Please remember to come prepared for any and all types of weather.  Extra shade tents and tarps are recommended.
3. Many new and improved campsites.  This means more cleared, level and drier spaces for you and your tent.  Remember, the earlier you are on the 28th, the easier it is to find a nice spot.
4. New area dedicated to electronic music!  Yes, you heard right.  An entirely new stage has been created for late night festing.  This brings the total stage count to three!  YES!
5. Newly designed amphitheater and bar area.  Picture unparalleled mountain top views with a beautiful stage and your beverage of choice.  Island living at it’s finest.
6. New art installations and structures.  The Tall Tree Crew, alongside a number of artists are collaborating to create some amazing new features this year!
7. A new ‘Green Plan’ is in effect at the festival this year.  The reason: to limit waste.  Like always, Tall Tree Music Festival is eco-friendly, with the environment central to everything that we do.  We ask people to plan with this in mind.  The less waste brought to the festival, the better.  However, we are taking the necessary steps to recycle all materials possible, with minimal refuse.
8. Last, but certainly not least, there are over 100 yards of fresh wood chips to keep mud and dust down, making everyone more comfortable!
So there we have it!!!!  Amazing things are happening, and we can’t wait for another amazing year at Tall Tree!