The Do’s and Dont’s of Tall Tree

Hi there! Welcome to the Tall Tree Music Festival’s official do’s and dont’s montage. Here we will have a lively discussion of things to do and not to do.


Let’s start this out right.

Do – HAVE THE BESTEST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1291131680_two-thumbs-up

Don’t – Procrastinate and buy your tickets at the gate. They are more expensive and there are no guarantees of entry.

Do – Fill up your tank. There is no gas station in Port Renfrew.

Do – Pack Light, but appropriately. Bring everything you need to be comfortable without all of the garbage. This is an eco-friendly festival.

Do – Bring ridiculous costumes. Definitely do this.

Do – Bring a party beacon. Hail your friends from miles away.

Do – Bring your party pants.

Don’t – Take your party pant’s off until you get home.

Do – Bring cash. There is no ATM on site. Cash = food and beer = really good times.

Don’t – Expect to use your phone. There is ZERO cell reception, no matter how hard you hold that talk-box up. I ain’t gunna work.

Do – Bring your ID. You will need this. No ID = no beer in the garden.

Do – Bring a suit. It’s suit Saturday on June 29th.

Don’t – Wear your birthday suit.

Don’t – Expect to camp with your car. Vehicle parking is in a separate area, and you will have access to a shuttle service.

Do – Give staff a high five. We like that!

Do – Help someone out that looks like they could use a hand. Tall Tree is about community.

Do – Prepare for all conditions. Bring a tarp, bring a shade or rain cover/tent for your campground.

Do – Design a funky site. Everyone loves a creative place to hang out.

Don’t – DO NOT Bring an RV, unless you have been granted access, which is incredibly limited.

Don’t – Bring glass bottles or glass of any sort. This is a nightmare to clean up, is a hazard and will not be tolerated.

Do – Bring a reusable water bottle. There are water fill-up stations. The water is clean and filtered and delicious.

Do – Bring a small camping stove.

Don’t – Fire. NO FIRES.

Don’t – Bring a pet. No pets allowed.

Don’t – Bring anyone under 19