The Importance of Costumes at Tall Tree

Yeah.  Costumes are dope.  Wear several…please.  If you wear a silly costume the Tall Tree Correspondent/Interviewer/Music-fest Journalist Emmalee (who will be in several different costume/outfits over the three glorious days) will come and find you and give you props.  She will also take your picture, give you a high-five and interview you.  She might also give you a prize.  But no promises.

Anyways, lets talk:  Suit Saturday.costume2

Wear your suit, or blazer.  Why?  Picture this:

It’s the middle of the day at Tall Tree.  The sun’s out, bevy’s are flowing and your favorite band is playing.  Oh.  What’s that?

You and everyone else on the mountain are in nature wearing business garb!  DAMN, IF THAT AIN’T FUNNY I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS!

Without dragging this on, PACK THAT TICKLE TRUNK.  The more silly costumes there are,  the better the world will be.