Monthly Archives: November 2013

November 30

Song and Surf Lineup Announcement: Good For Grapes

We are pleased to announce that Good For Grapes will be taking the stage at Song and Surf Music Festival in February! Good For Grapes formed in September of 2010, after a group of friends took a trip to Victoria, BC for some modest busking. Drawing unexpected crowds, this young and aspiring band took form; an original […]

November 15

FACT: Listening to Music is Good for your Heart

Ahhhhhhh yes.  Science! Once again science delivers!  We all know exercise, drinking water and eating well is good for our cardiovascular system.  However, recent research suggests that music should be included in that long list of ‘heart-healthy’ stuff and things.  I mean, if red wine is good for the ‘ol ticker, pair that with your […]

November 08

Betty and Kora Interview The Funk Hunters

Betty and Kora ask the age old question: are water-slides better than slip n’ slides? The Funk Hunters decide.