Feature Artist: Luca Fogale

Luca Fogale writes music about real life, inspired by the human condition and the indescribable ways that music affects us. Defining himself as a folk musician, he draws great influence from classic poets and songwriters alike in order to create music that conveys awareness and communicates a powerful message to the listener, a quality that has resulted in an extremely dedicated fan base. After dropping out of university in 2011 in order to focus on his career as a musician, Luca has played everywhere possible with the intent of creating a livelihood solely supported by his craft. Having worked tirelessly for the last five years of his life laying the foundation of his fledging career, Luca has performed all over Vancouver & has taken two tours across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Luca Promo 1His crowning achievement to date came in June 2013 when he was named as one of the top 20 finalists in Vancouver’s Peak Performance Project, presented by 102.7 The Peak. Through much of the summer, Luca has been busy with this prestigious project that has produced past winners in the We Are The City, Bend Sinister, Current Swell, Vince Vaccaro, Dear Rouge, The Boom Booms, and more. As a result of his time in the
Peak Performance Project, Luca built a connection with local Grammy award winning producer/engineer Chin Injeti, most notably known for his work in hip-hop producing tracks for Drake, 50 Cent, & Eminem (Chin’s work on Eminiem’s 2010 release entitled ‘Recovery’ helped the album climb the charts, winning the Grammy for Best Rap Album that year). Working closely with Chin, Luca is currently writing and recording what
will be his debut full-length album, due out in later this year.

Luca was recently named in the first round of artists chosen to showcase at Canadian Music Week 2014 in Toronto this coming May. This opportunity will mark Luca’s first time touring into Ontario, something he has had his eyes on for some time. Dedicated to his local community – Luca is always on the look out for ways to give back through his music. During the summer of 2013, he hosted the inaugural ‘Luca & Friends’ outdoor concert in Burnaby’s Sumas Park – an event to benefit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. He is also in the process of bringing back the music program hosted by the Burnaby Boys & Girls club. Having spent 2013 raising funds to purchase new instruments, Luca will be providing lessons for local at-risk youth at no charge to the organization. At 22 years old, Luca’s drive and passion for music grows daily as he strives to become a more creative and inspired artist, and works to carve his on place in Canada’s diverse pool of musical talent.

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