Feature Artist: Danuel Tate

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Danuel Tate is a keyboard player and composer of electronic music. He has composed electronic music for the past 20 years under many different aliases, but it is his work with group Cobblestone Jazz that has given him international acclaim. Over the past 8 years he has performed extensively from Moscow to South America, India and Japan. He has performed at the largest music festivals in the world including three times at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. His music is forward thinking and bends the improvising aspect of the jazz tradition with the sounds and exploratory nature possible with todays technology. He has been interviewed and celebrated in many of the worlds top music magazines including MixMag and Rollingstone. Danuels newest solo project entitled “Brazilian Fiasco” mixes the traditional samba rhythms of South America with a stark synth based aesthetic. Danuel is a gifted organist, and has accompanied many B.C. folk and jazz music artists. He teaches music composition and keyboard theory to youths in Victoria were he lives.


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