Introducing The Tetrahedron: Tall Tree’s Newest Art Installation

Tetravalence is the state of an atom with four electrons available for covalent bonding. Much of the carbon inside of you and all life on earth has this sacred pattern as its foundation. Carbon is also stacked this way throughout many crystals, minerals and diamonds. The Tetrahedron is the first of the five Platonic Solids. This fundamental series of 3D shapes was first written about by Plato in c.360 B.C.  They have, however, been known since antiquity.

The Tetrahedron shape is comprised of 4 triangles.

It is the most flexible and strongest 3­-dimensional shape there is.

It encompasses the smallest volume and has the largest surface area of any 3­-dimensional shape.

It is the only 3­-dimensional shape in which every corner is exactly the same distance from every other corner.
This fractal 14’ high Tetrahedron is made out of salvaged wood scraps from construction sites, landfills and demolition sites. There are over 2,000 individual pieces, all with multiple cuts, fit snugly together. The build time to complete the project was 300+ hours.
There is a secret door allowing access to the inside where visitors will find a comfortable carpeted area to relax and visit. Back rests are built into the 3 corners of making them the prime spots for lounging. The area inside is a perfect refuge from the intensity of the the festival outside. It’s a great place to relax and connect with new people met inside.

Love it? Be sure to check it out and many other surprises June 27-29, 2014, at Tall Tree Music Festival!