Feature Artist: The Roper Show

Jesse Roper, “The Roper Show” was raised in the wee little community of Metchosin B.C. Music started for him at the age of 6 six when he asked his father if he could learn to play guitar. He was granted this wish and took to it very quickly. Songs of heroes like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn were learned by ear and raised the hopes of his parents daily. Unfortunately, Jesse didn’t develop a love of performing live at quite the same rate. No he was absolutely petrified of it. Sweaty palms, shaky limbs and a very upset stomach would all contribute to keeping his music locked away. People would ask him nicely to play and Jesse would always refuse in kind. This trend went on through his teenage years and threatened to carry on through to his demise until one day a good friend of his literally forced him on stage at an open mic. The usual shaky, sweaty, and ill feelings were overwhelming Jesse like a hail storm of festival submission fees and he knew that he would play horribly and be boo’d off stage, but the strangest thing happened. He played very well and the cheers and applause became more with every song he strangled out of his guitar. The ice broken, the nerves calmed, Jesse soon became addicted to the stage and got more comfortable with his new electric home.


For the last 3 years The Roper Show has paid most of his bills and fuel costs with music. He tours constantly and loves it. The drive to the next gig is never too far and a crowd is never too small or large for him to entertain. He’s won talent competitions and shared the stage with many excellent acts including, and most recently, his childhood idol, “Dr Hook”. After the show these were Ray’s words to Jesse: Man, Ive been all over and Ive seen a lot of acts, but you’re f^$%in good man. Really f*&^%n good! Obviously inspired by this Jesse has continued to hone his art and gets better every show. This summer he’ll be releasing his debut CD “Son Of John”. An intense mixture of blues rooted soul rockin county funk. Jesse’s 3 dimensional writing style is on full display for this 10 track journey and seems to have a little flavour for everybody.

As long as music doesn’t cause cancer Jesse will be writing and performing it. Fingers crossed for his faithful van and arthritis free fingers, Jesse’s main goal is to live off of his music and truly love it until the day he joins that great jam session in the sky.