What to Watch: Tall Tree Staff Picks!

Here at Tall Tree we are HYPED on this years lineup! We asked some of our staff to share their ‘must see’ top picks for year number five.

Chris Longshanks (Talent Recruitment)

Grossbuster – The man Nate Picarooooney has been honing his live set over the last couple of years; he will arrive at Tall Tree with an MC and a full set of blistering hip-hop & reggae beats that are all performed by mashing out things live on the sample pads. A sight to behold. Not to be missed.

Tipper – Tipper is a sound designer’s wet dream; hearing his hi-def production on the PK rig is going to be amazing. Really excited to sit back & soak his sounds in with my man Ruairi Lazers (he never shuts up about Tipper).

Sabota – The combo of Robbie from Humans & Max Ulis has produced one of 2014 musical milestones; the Sabota album is a brilliant bridge between forward thinking pop and underground dance rhythms. Sabota bring a full live rig to Tall Tree, I can’t wait to hear “Next Time” on that mountain – these guys will bring an appropriate summertime vibe to the dance tent on Sunday night, perfect for the final night!

Adam Duron (Talent Director)

DAN MANGAN – Not many artists from the pacific west coast of Canada so appropriately define music from this region. His sound and lyrics paint vivid pictures of what it’s like to live surrounded by snow capped mountains, rich forests, and the pacific ocean. Having taken a 1 1/2 year hiatus from the music industry, Mangan is back with new supporting band Blacksmith to take back his spot as an elite Canadian act.

PICKWICK – A band who have taken many markets across North America by storm, Pickwick combines blues, rock, soul, folk, and R&B into a perfectly blended cocktail with frontman Galen Disston’s falsetto voice as the maraschino cherry on top. Watching live footage displays their tight chemistry and soulful charisma. Personally I believe this will be the set everyone is raving about from Tall Tree 2014.

SAM WEBER – Sam Weber has become the household name in the Victoria music scene. Having played with countless bands across BC has given Weber the opportunity to develop his own unique sound. He is one of the most stilled guitarists I’ve heard. Often compared to a young Bruce Springsteen, his voice and lyrics have developed far beyond his years. The only way for this young man is up and I can’t to get guest listed during his arena tour!

Mike Hann (Festival Director)

Pete Murray – PM is arguably the biggest artist we’ve had at Tall Tree, although a lot of people around these parts don’t realize it. Pete became huge in Australia when his debut album FEELER became a multi-platinum success. His story is a great one – ex pro athlete picks up a guitar for the first time at 25 and writes hit songs. Feeler was the soundtrack for many trips i’ve made, and without doubt was huge influence on my music. To have him playing Tall Tree is a huge deal for me.

Lindi Ortega – I first became aware of Lindi Ortega this year when a friend played me Dean Brody’s hit, Bounty, on which Lindi is a guest vocalist. What a voice! I have no doubt that the old school country vibe that she will bring to Tall Tree will be a huge hit on Sunday afternoon.

Longwalkshortdock – The guy is epic live, and even more epic on a mountain. What else can i say! We are stoked to have him back up at Tall Tree!
Lovecoast – This years play at Tall Tree contest winners are definitely a band on the rise. Check them out – I have no doubt that their soulful vibe will fit perfectly! I’m excited to see them play for the first time.

Emmalee Brunt (Marketing + Communications Manager)

Pete Murray – I saw Pete years ago back when I was living/traveling in Australia. He blew me away during this random beach set he played in Byron Bay. I’ve been listening to him ever since. That man has serious heart.

Sabota – I feel like Sabota is going to explode this year. Max Ulis and Robbie Slade are producing incredible music under their new moniker and are on constant repeat at my house. Can’t wait to shake it out listening to them at Tall Tree.

Pickwick – This is one hell of a band out of Seattle. Soulful, soulful, soulful with a big sound and incredible song writing.

WMNSTUDIES – Music that is going to make you dance. Actually, it’s music to make girls dance…but guys love it.

Clark Cutler (Spirit Tree Stage Manager)

Bear Mountains blend of indie/dance/live electronic music is catching on quickly and few seem to be doing it better than Bear Mountain. Their set Sunday is destined to be one of those that stays with you long after the festival is over.

Nordic Soul aka Sean Horton is the founder and curator of the hugely successful Seattle based electronic music festival Decibal. Needless to say the mans taste in music is impeccable. His set after Tipper on Saturday night will no doubt have the Spirit Tree Stage packed and going off.

Hi Q Soundsytem brings the deep warm bass of reggae dub to the mountain this yr. They will be keeping it rocksteady on the Valley Stage Sunday with their live pa set. Catch the set and get your root down!!!

Liesure Suit – Local boys with an serious sound – in the wake of most things “indie” sounding overstated & derivative, LS manage a fantastic balance of sonic opulence and straight ahead songwriting with legitimate hooks. Cinematic rock – should sound amazing on the mountain.

John Beaumier (Talent Recruitment)

Smalltown Dj’s – The Smalltown dj’s are straight up part rockers and fun as hell to watch up there. They always get the dance floor jumping and are fun as hell to watch do their thing.

Tipper – I am especially excited to hear tipper play his earlier set as he is going to go a little deeper and play more of the downbeat and heady stuff when the sun starts to go down. I am sure both of his sets will be out of this world but I really want to hear the stripped down beats and squishy sounds.

Vinyl Richie – It has been too long since I have seen Vinyl Richie on stage and I am much excite for Friday night. Apparently he is going to be playing all vinyl and promises to have many bombs to get the bums moving on the mountain. This guy is a legend and Friday night you are going to know why.

HQ Sound – Rhythmicon on the beats and Ian on the trumpet, it doesn’t get much better than this. Sunshine, Dubby beats and live horn, all I am going to need is a cold beer and I will have all the elements for a perfect afternoon.

Chris Fraser (Hospitality Manager)

Tipper – I am super stoked for Tipper. He was the first big club show I ever threw at Jungle room back in the day. His professionalism and attention to detail set him apart from so many Producers. An amazingly talented turntablist and an all around good guy.

Vinyl Ritchie – Vinyl Ritchie is another from my past. He is my definition of a party rocker. his track selections make you want to stand up and dance. His mic skills are sweet and smooth he is what a hype man is. Demanding you pay attention to the dancefloor. That is where I will meet you for his set.

Smalltown DJs – I first met Smalltown Djs at Mothers Cupbard talent site at Shambhala. Hearing them play for that first time – it was all over from there.

Spencer Sacht-Lund (Lighting Director)

Tipper: A god of wobble who has been on the scene for awhile. Super excited to hear him out of a high quality sound rig.

Longwalkshortdock: Dave always brings a level of engagement and energy to a show that far surpasses what you would expect out of an artist. I am always excited to see, hear and feel one of his shows as it works its way into a video game-esque frenzy.

Roco Newson (Sponsorship Coordinator)

Head of the Herd – This is music you can seriously rock the F out to.

Skiitour – It’s time to get funky. Better start stretching for those high kicks.