Get To Know Weird Party

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome members of Victoria BC based Weird Party: Andrew Poirier (guitar), Chris Mackenzie (drums), Piers Henwood (guitar), William Farrant (bass) to Song and Surf 2015 featuring the additional talents of Anand Greenwell (saxophone) and Abi Rose Godfrey (vocals). Weird Party combine elements of funk, jazz, ambient, and psychedelic, creating an eclectic instrumental mix to guide you through any given evening. Using a combination of tasteful improvisation and rehearsed hooks, no two Weird Party performances are ever the same, save for their predictable effect on the audience– unashamed dancing and controlled euphoria.

Weird Party’s debut vinyl release, Mellow Funk – Vol. 1, was produced by the band, along with Live PA legends The Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness. The album captures the group’s loose free-form spirit within the context of the recording studio, all while paying respectful homage to diverse influences from Air to St. Germain to Stan Getz. For optimal results, listen to Mellow Funk – Vol. 1 in the company of friends while enjoying your favorite cocktail or a glass of French Merlot.

Weird Party received their debut national broadcast on CBC Radio 2’s The Signal, and has since seen ongoing support from CBC Radio 2 and 3, as well as college and university stations across Canada. Weird Party has performed at marquee festivals including Rifflandia and ViaTec’s Boat Party. The band has also launched its own self-branded concert series, which has quickly gained notoriety for promoting exuberant late-night revelry. Weird Party I, Weird Party II, Weird Party III, and Weird Party IV were all sold-out engagements in Western Canada. Weird Party V will be announced soon.

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