Introducing SAVVIE – A Performance not to be Missed at Song & Surf 2015

Ah. The debut album: the act of putting yourself out there for the first time, allowing your music to be read like tarot cards as listeners look deep into your soul.

Night Eyes is the debut album of SAVVIE, the brainchild of Vancouver singer songstress Savannah Leigh Wellman, a woman who has gracefully navigated her way through the music industry for nearly a decade. “I’ve been a part of the industry not just as a musician, but through helping other indie artists via my work at Music BC.” says Wellman. “I’ve also been a part of the PEAK Performance Project since it began 6 years ago, which has been an amazing source of inspiration and friendships.”

SAVVIE takes the wicked wisdom that comes with experience in the music business, and channels it into her songs making well crafted, timeless music. Wellman’s brand of dusky rock is for old souls with young hearts, bringing echoes of The Black Keys and Fleetwood Mac, melded together with gold dust and mystical lyricism.

Working closely with producer Matthew Rogers (The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer), the songs ended up being more collaborative than in previous projects. “Matt and I co-wrote quite a bit, and he really embraced my influences and vision for the album.” The result is eleven tracks of confident, dreamy blues-noir, shining a spotlight on Wellman’s scotch-and-soda voice. “I’ve been calling the music “sex rock”, but in a tongue in cheek way. It’s about having the confidence to know what you want, while still being a thoughtful, sensitive individual.”

Second track “Without You” is one of the best examples of this so-called sex rock, opening with a fuzzed out rhythm section designed to make you move. “Gravity” begins with a drum machine under opalescent synths, making one of the album’s dreamiest tracks as she sings “Your gravity’s something I can’t fight”. On “I Fall Again”, her voice breaks under pressure in such a soulful way that you can almost see Jenny Lewis raise an eyebrow.

In the world of tarot, the moon card symbolises intuition, dreams and the unconscious. These romantic outsider qualities are what make up the foundation of Night Eyes. A lone wolf howling at the moon, the sound of a woman in control of her own destiny. Never has a debut felt more effortlessly confident and self possessed.

~ Written by Louise Burns