A Tribute to Daniel Kingsbury | A Forever Tall Tree

Daniel Kingsbury was a talented guiding light in our community. A young creative visionary, passionate about music and leading the charge on environmental activism; he lived a profound existence effecting the world in a myriad of positive and inspiring ways. For us, Daniel is a centrepiece to the Tall Tree family. He planted his roots six years ago as an original member, and will live on through our shared dedication to music, community and the environment. Four days ago we learned of Daniel’s passing, and after some time and reflection we would like to dedicate this official Tall Tree tribute to Daniel, the Kingsbury Family, Mindil Beach, to all of his friends and the music and environmental community at large. We may have lost you on earth Daniel, but we know that your vision, legacy, music and beautiful soul lives on. And for this we pay our respects to you.

This year at Tall Tree we invite you all to celebrate Daniel’s life through the ceremonious planting of a tree, so that in time, it may grow beautiful and strong, like Daniel, into the tall tree. Information on this very special event will be available on site at the Information Booth during the festival. Like Daniel once eloquently said, “From little things, big things grow,” and this one is for you, friend.

daniel kingsbury 1

We would like to take the opportunity to honour Daniel’s life and the lasting impact he made on our festival family. The recounting of events is from Festival Director Mike Hann, friend and fellow musician:

“Daniel Kingsbury, for those of you who may not know, was the guitarist, and of the of vocalists and songwriters for Mindil Beach (formerly Mindil Beach Markets) for many years. Mindil Beach and Quoia played many, many shows together and I was always struck by what good guys they all were. Daniel came across as an incredibly grounded and mature young man for his age…a thoughtful songwriter and human being. When I first met him he was working with and caring for a fellow with special needs, and it warmed my heart the way in which the two of them engaged with one other.

mindil beach 2

Mindil Beach played at the first Song and Surf that was in festival format. It was the lead into Tall Tree and was the first event I put on so that especially holds a place in my heart. They continued on to be on six of our bills (Song and Surf and Tall Tree). They had to back out of one of them (Song and Surf 4) when Cam their drummer almost died in an ATV accident. I remember how family like they were as a group and admired how they rallied around him. They still came out to the event with Cam and supported.

mindil beach

Daniel was a man of many talents, including video editing. He produced the first ever Tall Tree video. I worked closely with him on this and remember being so impressed with his calm nature and creative mind. He was working out of the ENS office, which was acting as a Tall Tree office of sorts at that time. He was around us a lot as we were planning in the early days. I loved that, especially because he was part of the musical family as well and got to enjoy playing at these events.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a harder working, nicer group of guys in the music industry, and that says a lot. They always remained positive and driven, which are qualities that are hard to maintain in this industry unless they are 100% genuine. Those boys are 100% genuinely great dudes.

The Jellyfish Project was a feat of epic proportions and I know was in huge part due to Daniel’s drive and love of the earth. Think of all the young minds that were positively influenced by them travelling around for the better part of a year, in an RV playing at schools and educating them on the worlds oceans and how we need to take care of them. That’s a legacy that will live on. No doubt.


When they moved back to the Sunshine Coast there was definitely a void in the music scene around here. When Daniel left the group about a year ago, I got it, and was proud of him when I heard he was going to continue on with his environmental goals.

On both a personal and Tall Tree level, I feel very lucky to have had that guy as part of this journey. My heart goes out to his brothers through music and all the other family and friends that are having to say goodbye to such a stand up individual. He will be missed.”

From all of us at Tall Tree, may you rest in peace friend.

Words by: Emmalee Brunt + Mike Hann