DJ Primitive | Tall Tree Artist of the Week

This hi fi lothario is a regular at West Coast clubs, lounges,  and festivals- having played at Tall Tree music Festival, Rifflandia, Resonance and many sets at the legendary Soundwave – while holding longstanding residencies at Veneto Tapas Lounge, The Yates Street Tap House, The Churchill, The Rooftop Surfclub, and the infamous Logan’s Reggae Patio Party.  Primitive ownes and manages with DJ Anger, and is a member of PK Sound’s Victoria franchise expansion team.
Rooted in music he grew to devour, while pushing speaker flexing futurism- Jazz, Dub, Latin, Funk, Disco, Rap, Rock, 80’s Punk meet Deep House, Techno, Ghetto House, Moombahton, Juke, Footwork, Acid, Jungle; DJ Primitives sets keep the dance floor guessing.
“There is nothing primitive about my sound or technique, it is about what happens when we gather and dance- When we hear the call of our soul, we look towards the ancient, the primitive”.
DJ Primitive
“When I play festivals I definitely step up sonically.  I feel a deep need to fill any space I play with the right type of sounds, while still being true to my vision.  Outdoors on a massive MainStage rig- I like to get big and banging with a hearthy dose of acid- and when i say that I don’t just mean 303- I also include what many would call a dub influence in what i call acid.  But, for the evening set- when the sun is still blazing, I feel like some funk and hip hop influence will be well received.  if there are some clouds in the sky I’ll likely hit some deeper warehouse vibes as well, but if the farmers almanac is correct- and it always is- Its gonna be a bluebird.  When the sun is shining people are more accepting of jazz inflections and melodies- But I’m always going for the dancefloor jugular.  I love to reference high points of the musical traditions and themes that go into a set.  sort of like easter eggs for those in the crowd who’ve been in this music culture for as long as me.  showcasing the most cutting edge sounds while occasionally looking back and letting the crowd know how we got here.”