Tall Tree | What You Need to Know for 2015

Three days to go and we couldn’t be more excited to share year number SIX with all of you! This year there are many themes, activities and brand new additions to Tall Tree – making your festival experience better than ever.


NEW FOR 2015:

  • We have 2 entry gates (woo hoo), and new roads. This means getting you in faster. Please respect that our staff are working non-stop getting you into the site, so please note that you will have to wait during peak times. Give our staff and volunteers high-fives.
  • New camping unload policy. Please note that you will be able to unload your gear closer to the festival site and walk it in. Drivers, once finished unloading their vehicles will then be instructed to park. This will reduce congestion and parking wait times. Yay!
  • To encourage carpooling or booking a shuttle bus seat with RYDE, cars that arrive with 3 or more people will not pay for onsite parking. Cars that arrive with 2 people or less will be charged $20. All monies collected will be donated to charity.
  • To reduce congestion, if you need to head into town please use one of the shuttle buses provided. Cars that require re-entry will be charged $20, unless it is an emergency.
  • The Spirit Stage is now licensed! Yes, we will be serving Phillips Beer and Lonetree Cider at the Main Stage and Spirit Stage.
  • We have a new and improved site layout. We cannot wait to show you!
  • Info Booth – yes this year we have a central info booth. Got questions? Go there.
  • Best Campsite Contest!!! YES, if you think you have what it takes, please register your campsite at the Info Booth anytime on Thursday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm. Our team of staff judges will vote on which registered campsite will be crowned the BEST! Please note that you +3 friends (a team of 4 total) may enter as one campsite. The best campsite will win tickets to Tall Tree 2016!



  • PACK IN PACK OUT, RECYCLE, USE BINS PROVIDED. We are a green festival. If you see garbage, pick it up. This is a leave no trace event and we need your help to keep in green. Please pack light and be responsible. See our Green Plan 2015.
  • Showers! Yes, we have showers this year! Shower passes can be purchased for $5 each and are available from 9am to 5pm. Please use water responsibly!
  • Shuttle Bus – operates daily 11am to late. Make a trip to the beach, lake, general store or book accommodation off site and rest assured!
  • Bring proper footwear. Bring rain boots and hiking boots…you will be happy that you did.
  • ATM’S! We have ATM’s on site this year. We highly recommend bringing cash beforehand but we have you covered just in case! You can also get cash out at the Renfrew General Store by asking the cashier nicely!
  • Tickets at the gate are available for both Early Access, Day Passes and full weekend Festival Passes. Please note that the price increases at the gate, so buy online and save!
  • BRING A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE! To minimize even more waste this year Tall Tree would like everyone to bring a water bottle. We encourage everyone to hold on to these even when the party is over! Keep it green! Be responsible!
  • Additional camping has been created throughout the site. This means more choices and more space!
  • New stages! All three stages are new and improved! You’ll have to check them out to see why!
  • Harm Reduction Team – We now have a field hospital! Safety first!
  • Be BEAR AWARE. This is not a joke. In fact, be elk aware too. We are in the wilderness and many animals live on site.



FRIDAY = DAY ONESIE | Wear your onesie, look fabulous.

SUIT SATURDAY = wear a suit, any suite. That’s right Tall Tree: it’s business time and you know what that means – it’s time to wear your business socks.

SUNDAY FUNK DAY= If you don’t get your funk on…turn up the awesome.



  • Yoga! Please visit the Spirit Stage from 10am to 11am, Saturday and Sunday morning for your very own mountain side yoga class.
  • Small Tree. In conjunction with the Pacheedaht First Nation, we will be hosting the first ever Small Tree in honour of Pacheedaht Heritage Day in Port Renfrew. This is a family friendly event and everyone is welcome. Swing by the Info Booth for more information.


  • Donate your instruments! If you have extra instruments kicking around, we would love to use them in our Make Music Now Program. Donations will be taken at the Info Booth.
  • The Tall Tree Wellness Passport – check it out here: http://harmonyherbals.net/blog/product-category/festival-packages/
  • RMT Services. Single massages or packages can be purchased by visiting the massage tent in Main Stage vendor area.
  • Comedy Stage! Yes that’s right. This year the Stump and Stone will be hosting a series of comedians as well as live music!
  • Hoola Hooping – yes there will be Hoola workshops throughout the day. More info on site.


THE HARM REDUCTION TEAM – your Party Parents!

The Harm Reduction team or ‘Party Parents’ tent is dedicated to making sure that party goers are happy and healthy!

Services provided:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Great conversation
  • Information about drugs/alcohol/sun exposure
  • A place to take a rest in the shade
  • Friend connections: lost a friend? Come check in and see if they have left you a note!
  • Line up information
  • Assisting those who are having mild mental health and physical health issues


Our Team Members:

  • Outreach: Look for the bright green backpacks! They will be out on the scene to help people who look like they need some extra support.
  • Tent Supervisors – keep track of everything and everyone!
  • Tent Nurses – make sure everyone’s needs are being met.

Tall Tree’s “Things You Should Know”:

  • You must be at least 19 years of age with two pieces of Government ID to enter the festival. No ID = no entry.
  • Absolutely zero tolerance for drinking and driving. There will be road blocks present.
  • There is no cell reception in Port Renfrew.
  • There is a limited amount of gas in Port Renfrew available at the Marina. We highly suggest that you fill up at either Lake Cowichan or Sooke on your way.
  • No pets.
  • No bottles or glass.
  • No fires. If you start a campfire you will be asked to leave.
  • No drugs


Food And Water:

  • Yes! We have natural spring water for drinking and many food vendors on site.
  • Yes! We serve adult beverages in the main licensed festival area as well as the Spirit Tent.

saturday poster

Getting Ready For Tall Tree:

Be prepared for all weather: We can have sun and heat and also some rain. Prepare for it all.

Be prepared for camping: Prepare your self to wake up to world class views! Be smart – Bring a flashlight (or two) for the evening. Bring water to stay hydrated. Sunproofing and waterproofing is smart. Bring something to keep you cozy if it gets chilly.

Be ready to walk on uneven ground: Some nice sturdy shoes are a great idea. Gum boots are fun for puddle jumping on the off chance it rains. The parking area is separate from the camping area.



Thanks everyone! See you at Tall Tree.