Hello. Man Made Lake.

Man Made Lake is not only a band but also a brotherhood, a grouping of individuals that work together to make innovative and intriguing music.

The group consists of seven chaps led by front man Colin Craveiro. The beauty of Man Made Lake is the diversity: the diversity of influence, the diversity of personalities, which culminate into the diversity of sound. They are a band that strives to never make the same song twice, yet always stay true to their ethos of imaginative music.

The fact that there are seven guys in the band would seem like a detriment to many but they harness the varying ideologies and influences of each member to carefully craft their music. Whether it’s the the modern indie synth-wash of keyboardist Brent Gosse, the heavy rock of drummer Morgan Hradecky, the classical to downright funky fresh sounds of pianist Nate Bailey, the mercurial sound of bassist Aaron Blair or the subtle slides and soaring solos of guitarist Steve Parker, they all come together to combine with Craveiro’s unique and multi-faceted vocal stylings to create the monster that is Man Made Lake.

They come from the humblest of origins, playing in cafes and basements, and have graduated to playing regular packed shows at popular venues. Man Made Lake plans to take the music scene by force, and, more importantly, by any means necessary.

Check them out here: https://manmadelake.bandcamp.com