How to prepare for Tall Tree in March

1. Figure out who you are carpooling with!

Will you need to purchase The Magical Early Access Pass? Not sure what you need? You’ll definitely want to know this before you decide to purchase your tickets. This year’s festival dates are a bit different due to the Canada Day Holiday being on the Friday. That being said, The Magical Early Access Pass ($55) will get you in on Wednesday June 29th, 2016 (instead of the regular Thursday) whereas the Early Bird Camping and Early Bird Full Festival Passes will allow you access on Thursday June 30th. Not sure how to make a decision? Keep in mind that the full music lineup will begin Thursday and run until early Sunday morning (instead of the usual early Monday morning).

2. Will you and your crew be camping with your Vehicle?

This year Tall Tree is proud to allow you to camp with your vehicle! This option is for Camper Vans ($150), and those who wish to sleep in their vehicles within the event grounds. If your camper is greater than 20ft in length you are not eligible for this pass and must book a Premier RV Pass ($250), which includes the RV and the driver. Everyone else staying in the RV must purchase an additional camping pass.  So, discuss with your crew asap before the limited amount of tickets for both choices sell out!


3. Decide where you are going to camp!

One amazing thing about Tall Tree is that you can choose not to camp on the mountain and instead book yourself a comfy cabin in town with pals, or if you’re a local resident you don’t have to spend the extra cash to camp on the mountain. However, I would like to mention that part of the experience is the camping so I highly suggest coming early and snagging a great spot with pals. Pretty much every campsite has a view! Plus, the evening events often continue until the sun rises so you don’t want to miss out on anything.

4. Get your Tier 3 tickets before they are gone!

Super Awesome Early Bird Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets have already sold out, and as many of you know some local BC festivals will not be running this year and thus many have already sold out of tickets! Super Awesome Early Bird Tier 3 tickets are currently on sale ($150) so don’t wait on this people because if we sell out then you’re out of luck, and love, and all the other awesomeness that occurs on The Mountain! Also remember you need to purchase your camping passes and festival passes separately.


5. Get Stoked!

Now that all the hard decisions have been made, you’ve got your ticket, get stoked! Grab your friends, have a beach fire, and discuss how epic your Tall Tree adventure will be together. Name your camp! Think up how you will decorate it! Have a costume swap! Whatever your little hearts desire.

See you on the mountain friends.

Words by: ❤ Kalisi Luv

Photos by: The Real Matt Love Photography