Getting Stoked for Festival Season: The Basics

These winter months really seem to drag. We know. Short, grey days with lots of rain makes you not want to leave the house, and festival season seems like an eternity away. However. You can get stoked on festival season all year round, and it’s easier than you think. Here are some tips to beat the winter blues and get stoked on upcoming summer fun.


Listen to new music: when the festival  lineups are released, peruse it for artists you haven’t heard of and then Soundcloud or Songza or Spotify the crap out of them. You’re going to be listening to music anyways, you might as well expand your horizons! You are guaranteed to find some gems, and don’t you LOVE being the discoverer of rad new tunes you can share with your friends?! For example: a few short years ago Odesza played to a half-filled tent at Sasquatch and now? Sold out shows everywhere. Get on it!


Spend a rainy weekend at thrift stores. No better way to get you excited for festival season than to revamp your tickle trunk. One of my favourite investments was a floor-length pink fur jacket that was $20… you KNOW how cold it gets at Shambhala! Bonus: summer gear won’t be picked through in the winter time, so you will have your pick of the litter.

Buy your tickets early. First of all, they are cheaper, and secondly, once you have a ticket in your hot little hand, there is no way you can’t start the festival countdown! Another thing you can do is start a piggy bank- loonies and toonies eventually add up to a LOT if you keep saving them! Alternatively, you can open a separate ‘festival’ bank account- with many banks, like RBC, you can open separate online accounts and name them whatever you want. Name one ‘FESTIVAL SEASON’ and put little bit of money in here and there so by the time summer comes, you will have enough money to make it through all of your favourite festivals.


Change the wallpaper on your phone, tablet, or laptop. How many hours do you spend per week in front of that thing? A lot! If you have a nice festival scape to feast your eyes on, even your subconscious will be psyched!

Read up on new festivals you haven’t been to. There are SO many festivals of all kind, maybe there is a new one that is right up your alley you haven’t heard of. Go on a new adventure and check one out!


Apply to be a volunteer. That means you can festival for free and get to experience it in a whole new way! Behind the scenes will give you a whole new appreciation for the hard work and the love that goes into putting these things on. Start your research now.

And finally… you know… read some blogs. Like this one! They are full of festival wisdom, so you can safely assume that it is sound advice. Summer countdown is on!

Words by Jaime Heenan
Photos by Xavier Walker