Tall Tree Testimonials #1 by Marksy

Hello. I would personally like to introduce you to our new blog series called ‘Tall Tree Testimonials,’ a collection of personal stories surrounding Tall Tree Music Festival. To kick us off, Marksy, who has been a member of our team for many years describes his personal connection to the festival, which has been both life changing for him and for us! If you have a story that you would like to share, please send it to emmalee@talltreemusicfestival.com along with any photo or video attachments and I will include it in our series. Thanks! – Emms

I have been fortunately involved with Tall Tree for 5 amazing years now. Wow, that feels really nice to say. Tall Tree came to me at point in my life when I personally knew I needed to collaborate with like minded people to do like minded things. It was  somewhere between the beginning and the end of the Quioa set at Tall Tree in 2011 I knew my eastern roots had found new ground. It was a very monumental moment in my life so far and It’s very special for me to look back and see how much we have evolved as a team while still maintaining the core values we are all proud of. Along with creating very original music festivals in Port Renfrew I’m very proud of our continued community commitment and the relationships I have formed through our community initiatives. I am truly grateful that we are such an active community member who along with our partners strive to continually provide arts and culture to all levels of our community. It’s so special to be part of a such wonderful family of friends who continue to amaze me with their selflessness and dedication to persevere. My demand for a collaboration with like minded people has provided me with so much more then I could have ever wished for. Thank you fellow Tall Tree’ers for providing an incredible combination of arts, culture, community development and the best collection of high fivers I have ever encountered.