The top 8 things you should know about Volunteering at Tall Tree

  1. The Street Cred you will earn: Not only will you get a wicked-cool “Hustler” T-shirt adorned with the Tall Tree logo and a super-cool volunteer pass but you will be getting all the high fives, hugs, and smiles you can handle from fellow staff and appreciative party goers! You’ll also get the luxury of showing off your Tall Tree T-Shirt in the off season where people from all over will recognize your capacity to give and be apart of something bigger than yourself. Plus? You can make new friends and share stories of how amazing Tall Tree was and will be the following year.

  2. When you will work: When volunteers apply they will be asked to enter the days and rough times (morning, afternoon, evening) that they are available. Schedules will be built around what is listed in the application. However, as we get closer to the festival and as shifts fill up, we will only be able to take volunteers that are available during the shifts that remain. So make sure you apply early! And for those of you who apply last minute, we will do our best to make you as happy as Jesse Roper is when he kills it on stage!

    tall tree volunteer 3

  3. Hours you will work: Each volunteer must complete 18 hours of volunteer work (2-3 shifts) during the festival. Volunteering for the Tall Tree Music Festival festival opens you up to multiple opportunities such as making new festival friends; participating in a festival in a way you could have never dreamed; and the ability to see what goes on behind the scenes! Going to the festival solo? This is a great opportunity to connect with others and make new lifelong festy friends!

  4. Confirming your role: Each volunteer is responsible for paying a $175 deposit fee, via a private link with their credit card once they have been accepted onto the crew. This solidifies your commitment to the team and makes sure that your shift partners show up in time to allow you to explore the festival freely! Responsibility, respect and care is what makes our family truly genuine. If you complete your volunteer shifts, then it will be refunded in full after the festival. If you don’t complete your shifts, or you break the volunteer code of conduct, it will not be reimbursed.

    tall tree volunteer

  5. Every position is a good position: There are thirteen different departments you can apply for and each one of them is unique and integral to the creation of a perfect party experience that YOU get to be apart of and help facilitate–so you really can’t go wrong. Make sure to check off all the positions that interest you and if you have any questions, just ask! Your skills are important so we want to find the best fit for you and the party. But keep in mind, every position needs to be filled so if you don’t get your top choice, don’t worry, you will get the position meant for you and your experience will be unforgettably epic.

  6. When will you know your role: Volunteer applications will start to be verified mid April so you will know sooner than later and can plan accordingly! So get those in ASAP!

  7. The Perks: Each volunteer crew member will receive a free Tall Tree Festival Pass, Early Access Pass, Camping Pass and a sweet T-shirt.


  8. You’re in good hands: Miss. Brittany is the volunteer co-coordinator and she has continuously outdone herself! Every time I checked out the volunteer tent last year she was working her cute little butt off so you know you are in good hands! Each department also has a manager who can help you out if you need some guidance. Every year it becomes more and more obvious that the volunteer management crew really has a handle on things and they want to make sure that you have the best time EVER!


Ready to bring in summer with  bang? Fill out the volunteer application here. Be good to yourselves, and see you on the mountain!

Kalisi Luv ❤