Tall Tree Testimonial – The Saunders Cup Experience

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I’ve had the pleasure of participating at Tall Tree as both a volunteer and as an artist, and it’s been a joyful experience each time. In 2014, I was a part of the Hustlers team, which had me working on the Green Team and at General Store. The highlight of my weekend however was helping campers find themselves suitable campsites in the torrent of rain that greeted them on the Friday afternoon. Unfortunately I had recently injured myself, so my mobility was quite limited. As a result, my job ended up being tour guide, cheerleader and distributor of mandatory high fives which worked out to be a big help for grumpy campers who weren’t prepared for rain.

Fast forward to 2015 where I worked as both a volunteer and as a performer. On Friday and Saturday I worked at the General Store once again hustlin drink tickets and merch with storemaster Joe. A great experience start to finish, and helped set me up for success managing Bass Coast’s store a few weeks later.

Tall Tree pt 2 2015-7-X2

The real fun, however, came on Sunday. Weeks ahead of the festival, my wife Joanna and I decided that the colloquial expression ‘Winning The Rave’ needed some substance. Unsatisfied with hearing people say that they or others ‘Won The Rave’, we decided to take it a step further and literally award someone with a trophy to prove that they really did win. In addition to having a full-on golden trophy made specifically for Tall Tree, we also had a series of ‘runner-up’ medals made as well. There were a variety of categories including Men’s Dance, Women’s Dance, Music, Science, Bro, Magic, and Lamp of Knowledge. Joanna and I awarded these based on criteria we invented on the spot and gave to whoever we felt deserved them.

Tall Tree pt 2 2015-497-X2

The trophy itself however, was another animal altogether. The Saunders Cup was awarded to the person/thing/animal we felt partied the hardest for the longest, without going too far, but was no more specific than that. If you had tapped out by Sunday afternoon, no matter how spectacular your showing may have been earlier in the festival, you were out. You needed serious skills to win this bad boy. At the end of my set at the Valley Stage on Sunday afternoon, we awarded golden boy Keith with the first annual Saunders Cup. His name is now engraved on the trophy, and it will be returning to Tall Tree 2016 to be awarded once more, and each Tall Tree to follow. Words truly do not do it justice, so I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. http://www.joffrey.ca/Other/Tall-Tree-Medal-Winners-album/

Tall Tree pt 2 2015-137-X2

Who will win The Saunders Cup in 2016? We can’t wait to find out!

Matt Saunders