Monthly Archives: June 2016

June 29

Check Out Rennie Foster, Nathan Jonson + Adam Marshall

The Spirit Tree is that active agent in Tall Tree that keeps the festival moving as a perpetual force. It’s the link, or bridge we might say, that binds the flow of all three days into one beautiful and cohesive time of different musical genres. For all you Tall Tree rookies out there, the Spirit […]

June 28

What You Need To Know for Tall Tree 2016

A few days to go and we couldn’t be more excited to share year number SEVEN with all of you! This year there are many themes, activities and brand new additions to Tall Tree – making your festival experience better than ever. While this message is lengthy, we ask that everyone take a few minutes to […]

June 23

Tall Tree Theme Days + Activities for 2016!

At Tall Tree, we take our themes very seriously. A theme is like that shot of espresso you’re getting in that 16oz Americano of yours. Sure the coffee is awesome by itself, but hey, sometimes you need a little extra UMPH. So here is a run down for what you can expect this year at […]

June 22

Get to know DJ All Good

Most important part of a music festival: the music. We are getting super stoked to check out all the insanely talented artists that will be gracing the mountain this year, and I had the chance to ask local island stretch legend, DJ All Good, a few questions about the art of turntablism, music, and of […]

June 14

The Valley Stage: An Artist’s Perspective

Although the smallest of the four stages, The Valley Stage brings big vibes to Tall Tree every year. It is a place where patrons can play beer-pong, imbricate on fallen logs and drink in both the sights and sounds of Tall Tree Music Festival. This stage is my favourite daytime-spot because it is smack in […]

June 13

Tall Tree Testimonial: Jeff Lingwood

This Tall Tree Testimonial is brought to you by Jeff Lingwood, aka DJ Primitive, aka Stage Director of the Valley Stage. DJ Nigel got me involved with the Tall Tree crew early on, playing at some of the first versions of Song and Surf and the Radio Contact Boxing Day Beach Party at Sugar.  A few years later, I […]

June 08

Announcing the launch of Tall Tree Music Festival’s App!

The big day is finally here! Tall Tree Music Festival is proud to announce that our official app launches today publicly, with an easy-to-use interface and all of the information you need to prepare for the festival! We encourage everyone who is coming to Tall Tree this year to download the app on their phone […]