Tall Tree Testimonial: Jeff Lingwood

This Tall Tree Testimonial is brought to you by Jeff Lingwood, aka DJ Primitive, aka Stage Director of the Valley Stage.


DJ Nigel got me involved with the Tall Tree crew early on, playing at some of the first versions of Song and Surf and the Radio Contact Boxing Day Beach Party at Sugar.  A few years later, I opened the Valley Stage on Saturday; I will never forget it. There were issues with the mixer and the Serato box, but a dream team of techs came to my rescue; I had Mike Hall, DJ Murge, Generic and Neon Steve all working through the issues with me, no one copping attitude, everyone just there to get the party started and trying to make it easier on me to get into my set stress free. We switched out the mixer, got the box working and I had at it.  I love the feeling when campers tumble towards the valley stage, following the sounds from the first DJ of the day and if the DJ is doing it right, they get their groove on instantly.  The vibes on that stage in the morning have been overlooked by some of the guys that get booked there.  You have to bring something special to lull campers out of their tents to bust out to tunes in the morning; the opening slot is an anchor spot that we didn’t treat lightly when programming this year- don’t miss DJ Anger opening the Valley Stage on Saturday.  His morning set from a couple years back was one of the highlights of that year.


The next year, I had a spot on the Main Stage in the heat of the day, which was epic and HOT, like 37 degrees hot.  I love that kind of heat, but it wasn’t until much later (like 14 or so hours later), that I was really able to go in on the turntables.  I managed to have an epic 2nd DJ/ bartending set that happened way too early in the morning and involved pirating, (it wasn’t really pirating cause we were instructed on how to find them!), some turntables and a mixer after the Main Stage had closed down following absolutely massive sets from Mat the Alien and Rhythmicon. I have known and loved Mat since getting down in Whistler back in the days when he still had to play for the “donkeys”; a term he reserves for those whose tastes seem to stay stalled on the standard pop tart flavours.  Mat is talented, diverse and forward thinking and his set that year was absolutely one of the best I’d seen.  So happy to see him back again on this years lineup.  Rhythmicon, a charging local legend, was given the daunting task of following this monster set and absolutely stepped up; diving really deep and soulful with stunning layered mixes and gorgeous track selection, deep as it gets dubstep and half time minimalism. Rhythmicon is a rare talent that can step to the early morning closing set or to the headline spot with equal passion, thoughtful selection and progression.  He gets the concept of “time and place” and delivers just what you need when and where you are.  I’m more than excited to have him on the Valley Stage this year.  Definitely a show not to miss.  After that there was a small but passionate crew and some managers, who will remain nameless.  So we grabbed some turntables and Jungle Souldier grabbed his records.  We set the decks up on the bar and were then told that the kegs had to be finished.  Jungle Souldier and I took turns, one tearing through breaks, then jungle records while the other served free beer to the early morning revellers.  This went on for some time before I had to bow out.  Dished out some hugs and high fives in the sun before trudging to my tent.