The Valley Stage: An Artist’s Perspective

Although the smallest of the four stages, The Valley Stage brings big vibes to Tall Tree every year. It is a place where patrons can play beer-pong, imbricate on fallen logs and drink in both the sights and sounds of Tall Tree Music Festival. This stage is my favourite daytime-spot because it is smack in the middle of the festival so you are bound to run into friends and receive all the high-fives while becoming versed in stories of the night past.


For the past three years, The Funkee Wadd has held his own at the Valley Stage on Sunday afternoons. His favourite musical moment? When he played Shout by the Isley Brothers.

A crowd of around 500 people got right down to the ground in the very present mud, and slowly got back up during the “A little bit softer now” portion of the song, and when I would cut the volume during the call and respond, the crowd’s response screaming ‘Heyyy Ehh Ehhhh Ehh’  was so loud I could feel the stage vibrating.”

And who was his favourite set at Tall Tree? None other than hometown hero Mt. Doyle.


I would say that every year the set I am most stoked to see is always Mt. Doyle. His sets have always been a way for me to discover new music, as his style of selection is pretty similar to what I play and dig, funk and soul influenced bass music. Doyle is an O.G. at Tall Tree, playing, for what I believe, every year. His seamless blending through genres such as DNB, Glitch Hop, Funk, Soul, Electro Soul and anything that makes you shake your ass, is what truly makes a good DJ. This cat will duck down mid set, throw on a banana suit, and get beautiful women to hand out bubble guns that have hilarious random, somewhat scandalous, words written on them, and make the crowd go insane. Crowd interaction is so key and it’s always an honour to get out the ol’ harmonica during his sets because we always seem to crush it together. The Funkee Wadd loves Mt. Doyle!”


So what is forever imprinted on Mt. Doyle’s memory? Tall Tree 2014.

“I played Valley Stage Saturday around 4 right before Kuba Ohms. I got a killer massage right before my set and it was super sunny so I was in the zone before I even got on stage. Once I started I threw a bunch of bubble guns into the crowd so right away everyone was pumped. Bubbles everywhere. I had The Funkee Wadd play harmonica over some funky tunes and Danimal House of Illvis Freshly (who I met like 18 hours earlier) freestyled over some drum & bass at the end of my set. Oh and when I dropped drum & bass I put on my banana costume and threw down… Turbo vibes. And Jim Vanderhorst of Rebel Cause Films recorded the whole thing. Best set ever.”




Last year, Illvis Freshly won fan favourite and earned their spot at the Valley Stage. Here they describe their favourite moment:

“During our set, we did an acoustic medley of Take A Ride With Me, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and a few other sing along songs. When the crowd yelled , “Yo homes smell ya later!”, the stage shook with the power of their voices! Literally shook the stage under my feet. We’ll never forget how awesome it was to get everyone involved in the show.”


In fact, Slynk remembers the moment vividly: “Illvis Freshly! It was the first time I had seen them play and damn they really bring the party! Everyone was singing along to all their songs and the vibe was super electric!”

So there you have it folks, make sure to pack your bubble guns, glitter and dancing pants because The Valley Stage is where it’s at!

❤ Kalisi