Get to know DJ All Good

Most important part of a music festival: the music. We are getting super stoked to check out all the insanely talented artists that will be gracing the mountain this year, and I had the chance to ask local island stretch legend, DJ All Good, a few questions about the art of turntablism, music, and of course what he’s looking forward to at Tall Tree. All Good, or Peter Poole, has has been a professional DJ for over eight years and has played with artists like Kardinal Offishall, Swollen Members, and DJ Qbert. With a background in teaching, he has assisted in scratching workshops as far as New York city and is currently a national finalist in the Redbull 3style DJ Competition- kind of a big deal. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us at Tall Tree! Something original and spectacular, that is for sure. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: As a turntablist, what do you think of CDJ’s and Serrato?

A: Though I don’t ever use CDs, I do use Serato vinyl and I think it’s excellent! An accurate comparison would be film cameras / digital cameras. Film is the traditional method and there are many photographers that learned how to shoot using film and an SLR lens camera, one that feels good in the hands of the photographer. But film can be very limiting as a medium! Now there’s digital cameras with the traditional feel  and digital possibilities. Serato does a great job of representing vinyl on a traditional turntable setup, but with digital convenience & more that “real” vinyl records can’t compete with. Note: It’s very important to me to use the turntable as my controller, there are techniques that can only be expressed with this interface. Part of my mission in life is to preserve this language.. the language of turntablism.


Q: Do you feel like scratching a dying trend?

A: Scratching never died, it went underground. It continues to be very important to a core group of enthusiasts, and there has been a lot of growth in interest and scratch community worldwide. The Almighty Skratcher Crew from Vancouver ( is a big part behind the renewed interest in the turntablist scene, even starting up the worlds first “portablist” battle (portable turntables.) When I see Andy Samberg in a skit on SNL mocking modern button pushing EDM culture it speaks to the fact that people want to see “real” DJing and scratching is part of that. Kinda like how funk music turned into super huge, mainstream pop culture! Packed stadium concerts, people were there to see 32 piece funk bands in elaborate costumes…after that pop culture peaked and crashed, music returned to the basics: two turntables & vinyl records, the backbone of hip hop. things go in cycles. Like records!

Q: Regarding your teaching, how did the workshops go? Are a lot of people still interested in learning the art of scratching?


A: DJ workshops have been really well received! It’s rad to see people get their hands on decks. I know the Turntemple has inspired a bunch of DJs along the way. There’s a lot of professional development that goes on in there, DJs that want to push their skill set with turntablist techniques.

Most fun of all is when there’s jam sessions with skilled DJs, all star jams! For me it’s like a field of dreams, provide the environment where DJs can scratch together and magic happens. It’s always inspiring to see headlining DJs cut it up with someone who has never touched a turntable before. preserving the culture with hands on approach. That’s how you preserve the language… you let people get their hands on.


Q: Tell us about your party/festival experience.

A: Opening the Hip Hop showcase on the Village stage at Shambhala Music Festival in 2011 was amazing for a bunch of reasons… I think what makes a great festival experience is sharing the experience with people you love!

Q: Who are your biggest influences?

A: Grand Wizard Theodore, Jimi Hendrix, Qbert, & Bob Marley

Q: What are you most excited for at Tall Tree this year?

A: Jam sessions in the Turntemple with all the DJ homies!!! Mat the Alien, Murge, Generic & Outsider, Dan Snakehead, Surgery, Jetts, Emotionz & Praiz, Coner, Anger, Funkee Wadd. There’s a bunch of DJs who I haven’t met yet who I am looking forward to meeting and checking out their different styles

Q: What’s next with your music career?

A: Big upcoming event is that I am one of six national finalists in the Redbull 3style DJ Competition being held in Calgary in September! I love to perform in DJ battles, I have never felt more equipped and mentally ready to do a competition at this level. I’m already a winner just by getting picked, it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to hone my craft for this performance.(

And you can expect to see the Turntemple as a pop-up community centre at a location near you, providing after school programming for teens. Literally, a vehicle for resilient communities!

Q: Is there anything else your fans should know?

A: LOVE is the ultimate energy. Bring LOVE. I’ll bring LOVE served up fresh on two turntables. See you on the mountain!

Thanks Peter! As if we weren’t stoked enough. Check him out spreading the love from the one’s and two’s next month. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Words and interview by Jaime Heenan