Check Out Rennie Foster, Nathan Jonson + Adam Marshall

The Spirit Tree is that active agent in Tall Tree that keeps the festival moving as a perpetual force. It’s the link, or bridge we might say, that binds the flow of all three days into one beautiful and cohesive time of different musical genres. For all you Tall Tree rookies out there, the Spirit Stage is home to the late night (or early mornings) performances played by some of the most impressive DJ’s from the electronic, techno, and house scene. In this article, we feature three you can look forward to seeing this year at Tall Tree.

Rennie Foster

If you don’t know who Rennie Foster is, either you’ve never touched based with the House and Techno world, or you’ve been living under a rock. Let’s give you all a little background here. Starting his career as a teenager in the late eighties, Rennie Foster worked alongside members of that small ensemble, maybe you’ve heard of them… Swollen Members? This was in the group “Sound Advice”, who paved the way for the Western Canadian Hip-Hop scene. Since then, Rennie Foster has moved around the world as an iconic influence and innovator in the underground dance scene, establishing a huge name for himself in Japan, and playing countless destinations in North America, and Europe. You could say, the man’s been around the DJ booth once or twice.

Lucky for us, he’s had some time to break free from his chaotic mixing schedule and put his signature “RF” aside for just a moment… an oh so sweet moment… to play for us on Thursday from 2:30am to 3:45am at the Spirit Tree Stage on Browns Mountain for Tall Tree 2016.

Nathan Jonson

Who is Nathan Johnson you might ask?? Well for one you’d need to know whom the immensely diverse and boundary-pushing Hrdvsion was. Second, you’d need to know that sometimes a name has to be retired to the rafters and born again as a new brand, only in order to break the chains of expectations and dive into a more focused sound. Luckily for us, we’ll get to experience the early stages of this development in his career, and hear what it means for a truly talented artist to hone in on his craft. Nathan Jonson will be delighting our ears and keeping the party alive from 11:50pm to 1:00am on Saturday at the Spirit Tree Stage.

Adam Marshall

When the wee-hours of the morning come around on the last night of the festival, a well-versed DJ/Producer who can take the crowd to the crack of dawn is more important than that granola bar you’ve got stashed in your fanny-pack to keep your blood sugar level up. For that, we’ve prescribed Adam Marshall. Toronto born, Adam Marshall has had a progressive career as DJ, Producer, and record label head of New Kanada. Marshall has taken the time in the last year to put a focus on his work as a career DJ releasing the VOID EP in 2015, and recently the Esalo EP, along with an extensive line of mastered and remastered tracks. He is a professional through and through, and will keep you fro reaching for that fanny-pack (we still recommend you eat though). You can catch Marshall’s set on the Spirit Tree Stage from 2:30am to 4:00am on Saturday.

Be sure to download the Tall Tree App and listen to songs from their profile! Save their set times to your personal schedule and make sure you don’t miss them!

Words: Nick McCue