My Open Letter to my Tall Tree Family

My Open Letter to my Tall Tree Family;

Last year was my first time seeing your faces, hearing the music and being part of something so incredibly HUGE as the Tall Tree Music Festival.

I tried repeatedly, over the last year, to describe to people what this festival is like but there really isn’t anything that can be said that can do the experience justice. You have to be there to truly understand.


This year was very special for me. As many of you know I was the woman who was up there with her aircast and crutches. While I am sure I was not the only attendee/volunteer dealing with a health issue or other challenges I guess I kind of stuck out.

There is more to my story however. In November of 2015 I was involved in a bicycle accident where I ended up with a fractured L2, L3, L4 and swelling at my L5, S1. The first two weeks I was in the hospital I couldn’t feel the left side of my body.

The boot you saw on me was from an ankle fusion I had in March to deal with arthritis from an accident 10 1/2 years ago. Suffice it to say the last 6 months has proven extremely limit testing at times.

This Tall Tree all of you gave me such a great gift without even realizing it. I was so happy to just BE there, to be able to make it and fulfill my volunteering role, to be able to stand on that mountain once again – I came close to not coming after walking up last week not able to move my head at all (likely related to the crutches and the back) however every time I turned around this weekend someone was referring to me as being a‪#‎trooper‬.


Every time I heard this it lifted my spirits a little more, it gave me more energy to keep moving, it reminded me why I keep as active as I do despite any temporary physical barriers I might encounter.

It is just a word but words are powerful.

Thank you for that compliment. Thank you for your smiles. Thank you for your warmth and love and Tall Tree happiness this weekend.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2017!