It’s A Beautiful Thing: How Tall Tree Compares To Other Festivals

By Jaime Heenan

Recently, I attended a music festival in India. I love a good festival and I thought it would be a unique opportunity to experience worldwide festival vibes on the other side of the globe. A unique experience it was indeed- I am glad I did it but every day I was there, I was reflecting on what a beautiful thing we have at home with our west coast festival family and how lucky we are. I think we all know this but it is nice to be reminded of just why we are so awesome. Let’s discuss.

1. We are Hilarious

image2 (1)
Along with the music, the festival soundtrack includes the echo of uproarious laughter reverberating through the party, you cry-laugh at least five times and there is always someone is in a banana suit. You wouldn’t bat an eye to see a limbo stick or a giant conga line. We take it for granted that this is how we party but let me tell you- it is not the same everywhere and we are a bunch of very special humans. Being able to high-five anyone you want at any time is truly a gift.

2. We are Friendly

Not to mention polite- in India, there are no queues or organized lineups. Nobody likes to wait in those long porta-potty lines, but the fact that we wait our turns, in order, with smiles, and probably make a friend while we are at it, is really amazing. The same goes for entry and exit festival lines- yes, they are long but god damn are they (mostly) well-organized! Throwing elbows to nudge to the front of the beer line isn’t a practice  we condone, in fact we would probably usher a thirsty customer or two ahead of us without question.

3. The Music

Duh. But not just because we have some of the world’s best talent in our backyard and really really great taste. It’s our line-ups: they are chosen with careful consideration and love, with a variety to please all attendees. Have you SEEN the lineup for this year? From hip hop to blues to drum and bass, we’ve got all the bases covered. And with this variety comes the opportunity to check out new artists you aren’t familiar with- the best way to fall in love with new tunes! The Indian festival I went to was just one genre- all day, all night, nonstop. You have to really love psy-trance to be able to happily rave to it for one whole day, let alone three!

4. The Weather

I know, I know, it rains pretty much every year at Tall Tree. But let’s talk about how good that Friday afternoon drizzle felt last year, or how cool it is to be cozy in your tent during a thunderstorm, not to mention how lush and green BC is. A little shower versus 35 degree midday heat is a no brainer. We all own rain boots after all!

5. Our Venues

Like whoa. Forested areas where you can frolic like fairies, crisp bodies of water where you can cleanse the sins of the previous night, and an entire festival on a mountain-top, are you kidding me? How did we get so lucky to live in the most beautiful place in the world? Sometimes you have to leave to realize that what you have at home is literally the best ever.

So this summer as you are packing your tutu’s and oversized shades and listening to a mix by your favourite new dj, remember these things. Give thanks for being part of such a special community that is united not only through music but by a love of all things fun. And when you see me, remember- I will be expecting a high-five.