Why Tall Tree Music Festival is the Best Way To Start your Summer in BC

Words: Kalisi Luv

Ever since the first morning I emerged from my tent atop Browns Mountain in Port Renfrew, British Columbia, Canada, Tall Tree Music Festival became my favourite Island fest. Soon enough, I found out that I was not the only one who had nothing but light beaming from their smiles as they reminisce about their Tall Tree experiences. So, I wanted to explore this idea a little further with some investigatory work. What is it that makes Tall Tree so special and one not to be missed in 2017?


The careful selection of musical acts. Tall Tree is pretty much 50% live music and 50% electronic. From an artist’s point of view, The Artist Relations. Tall Tree is the only music festival I’ve ever played that handed me a sea shell upon arrival, they wouldn’t tell me what it was for, and I found out a couple hours before my set that it was for an incredible massage while sitting in a vertical massage chair overlooking Port Renfrew and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. They treat the artists incredibly well, and run a nearly flawless festival. Big ups to every staff member, volunteer, artist, security, first aid, vendor, patron, stage tech, and every single person involved in making this incredible festival.


From a patron point of view, the fellow patrons. The crowd at Tall Tree is unlike any other. You hear of people talking about, ‘Everyone is your friend’ at so many festivals, but at Tall Tree I feel this is actually completely true. I could be sitting on a log in a dinosaur onesie, looking at the breathtaking view, and a complete stranger will sit down beside you and strike up a conversation. It’s truly a beautiful thing feeling so accepted by every single person on that entire mountain.”  Kyle Waddington, The Funkee Wadd

The organizers, volunteers, ticket buyers, and the very strange but awesome music programming. Not sure any other festival could pull off B2B2B2B soft rock to party rock to heavy metal to downtempo and keep a stage packed,” Steve Robertson, Neon Steve

The organizers are so dope! (#itsamikething) love them all, Betty & Kora‘s Jaguar Lounge and the location! The view and the vibe is unreal,” Mike, The Gaff

“The relation shared between complete strangers, the unity of life, the power of music,” Jon Camilleri, Outsider

“The location is top notch! Also if you’re from the island it is a huge meeting ground for all the homies! Another thing we liked was the “vote for fav band ” competition that we won. It really lets the fans choose who they want to see and it was a huge honour to win last year!” Phil Lyons, Illvis Freshly


“The diverse range of music. You’ve got hiphop, reggae, drum and bass, punk, trap, funky glitch hop.. you name it! There was really never a boring moment,” Evan Chandler, Slynk

“The people, the organizers, the music. But the biggest thing that Tall Tree has that other festivals don’t is that view! The backdrop is friggin breathtaking from way up on Browns Mountain. You can see for miles over the ocean. Even when the sun goes down, if it’s a clear night you can see like a bazillion stars. Gorgeous venue,” Justin Doyle, Mt. Doyle

Tall tree is so special because the island vibe is incomparable to anywhere else. The people are super friendly and warm and genuine and it’s intimate enough that you run into the same people all weekend, ultimately making new friends!” Jaime, Tall Tree Blog Contributor

This year, I couldn’t walk more than 10 steps without seeing someone I knew and loved. Even if I felt like I was missing someone, Tall Tree 2016 provided and I was given exactly what I needed. “You don’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.” I spent most of this year with my two best friends, holding hands, dancing, and embracing the moments we shared as if they were our last. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we skipped, and we got lost together under the stars. Most importantly, we allowed our senses to be stimulated to the extreme by Tall Tree’s unique musical talents, unreal scenery and pulsating vibes. Thank you Tall Tree.