Get your daily dose of nutrients at Tall Tree with Harmony Herbals Wellness Passports!

Tall Tree Wellness Passport 2017

Tall Tree Wellness Passports have been going strong for 3 years now, and we love keeping festival goers healthy, happy and energized so that they can get the most out of their Tall Tree experience! Just sign up before the festival and then show up at the booth every day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) for your daily dose of natural goodies to help with fatigue, hangover, dehydration, nausea, anxiety and all those other festival fun killers!

Relax at the festival with the knowledge that you’ll get something healthy into your body every day, and then take all that extra energy out onto the dance floor.

Purchase your passport HERE!

Harmony Herbals ( has been offering herbal party products at festivals since 2011. Party in style with our all natural energy shots, aphrodisiacs, natural mood boosters, herbal smoking blends and delicious drinks. We love to see you squeezing every drop out of these amazing events, so hunt us down and let us help you keep grooving all weekend long. See you on the mountain!