Strangers are Just Friends You Haven’t Met Yet: How to do Tall Tree Solo

Stepping outside your comfort zone can sometimes feel like more of a leap, or even a 50 foot free fall, either way it can be equal parts scary and freeing. In fact, fear and excitement are one in the same: your heart beats rapidly, your stomach drops, and you can feel the colour emanating from your face. It’s your choice: will you live in fear or will you embrace the elation? Well, attending a festival alone can elicit all of these effects but if you’re the positive type you’ll quickly learn that Tall Tree is the place where strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet. Here are some professional tips on how to do Tall Tree Solo and come back with a black book full of numbers, a belly full of laughs, and a head full of unforgettable memories.

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  • Volunteer: Quite possibly the easiest way to quickly make friends is to join the volunteer team run by the beautiful and talented Brittany. For information on this year’s volunteer opportunities check out our latest article here or my post from last year about many of the other amazing reasons you should join the volunteer squad here.


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  • Engage Online: Facebook is full of smiling faces who are eager to meet you! We have two different Tall Tree Music Festival facebook groups. One is the official Tall Tree Music Festival page and the other is this year’s Tall Tree Music Festival 2017 page. On both you can find old pictures, new information, and comments about this year’s festival. Start to get to know some of the people there, perhaps recognize them in the crowd at the party and say hello! Or, start a discussion topic about the festival and begin to make connections with people and plan a pre-party meet up or pick a set to dance to together! The options are endless, you just have to put yourself out there.




  • Carpool: Build karma while benefiting the environment and helping out a new found friend in need! Make a post on the Tall Tree Rideshare Website and offer someone a ride and/or acquire your own ride to make a batch of instant pals as you get to know each other on the drive up to the festival. Want to be the talk of the town? Load some killer MP3s on your phone for the drive up and listen to DJ mixes from years past. 





  • Help others set up camp: Admittedly, there is one difficult thing about Tall Tree and that is carrying your stuff from the drop zone to your campsite. So what better way to make friends then to help those struggling? Why not bring a dolly or extra wheelbarrow? Yet another chance to build karma AND muscles at the same time! Undoubtedly you will make friends for life after you assist a struggling camper carry a suitcase full of costumes from the drop-zone to their new weekend home. Additionally, make sure to bring a hammer, some rope, duct tape or small shovel to help others set up their sites. Even helping others pitch their tent in the dark can make a person’s experience unforgettable. Warm, dry shelter is key to a good time.



  • Costumes: Make a statement with what you’re wearing and you’re sure to get some high fives and high kicks for your amazing attire. Don’t forget to compliment others on their efforts and perhaps even start an impromptu fashion show!




  • Share supplies: As mentioned previously, sometimes people don’t have everything they need to camp comfortably with so bring extra supplies: rope, food, cooking utensils, water, and get ready to share. Cook a big batch of breakfast to share with near by campers, or let people know you have a camp stove they can use. Tall Tree is all about community so get to know your neighbours.



  • Participate in activities: One of the things I love about Tall Tree is the array of activities put on by the promotion team. From waterslides, to fashion shows, to pop-up-pineapple parties, you never know what this year will bring! So make sure to check the facebook page often to find out what activities are available and/or ask around when you get to the festival. Everyone likes a winner, right?



There you have it. Instead of waiting on your friends to confirm they can get the time off work or can afford a ticket, commit to going to Tall Tree and playing it solo if you have to because you won’t be on your own for long. To purchase tickets, click here. Just remember, keep your eyes, your arms, and your heart open and you’ll always have someone by your side.


Kalisi ❤  #SpreadingTheLuv