Maximize Your Time At Tall Tree With These Tips!

Words: Jaime H
Photos: Matt Love

Do you have your tickets to Tall Tree yet? Get them now and don’t miss out! We’re 2 weeks away!

Summer is almost upon us! Sunshine, patios, beaches, picnics, and of course, festival season. It’s just a matter of weeks until we are all together on the mountain for our favourite Island festival, so let´s discuss how we can maximize the fun factor while also being mindful and staying safe.

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1. Pace Yourself

Tall Tree will likely be your first festival of the season so you might feel the urge to go completely crazy- crazy. That’s awesome and we are all there to have fun, but remember: you are there for an entire weekend and you have a whole summer ahead of you. Tequila on an empty stomach on Friday morning might not be a good idea- trust me. At least put some breakfast in your belly before you start mixing margaritas and start your day off right. You are gonna need fuel for that dance floor!

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2. Express Yourself

Festivals are the perfect opportunity for self-expression- paint your body, shimmer your face, and wear that onesie that you have been saving for a special occasion. It is a little break from the real world where anything goes, so take advantage of every moment. Your festival family not only digs this stuff, but embraces it- have you seen all the funky people on the dance floor? Be sure to give compliments and high-fives to all the beautiful, creative people you meet, everyone loves recognition for being awesome.

3. Take Care of Yourself

We don’t need to discuss the fentanyl crisis going on right now, so please: be SO CAREFUL. We love you guys. In addition, if you or anyone you know is feeling a little off, please take advantage of the services with the harm reduction crew. They are there to help!

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4. Listen to your Body

Eat, sleep, party, repeat. Remember all of the steps and your body will thank you. Get some sleep every night, take naps if you need, sneak away for tent-cuddles, and again- don’t forget to eat! As usual, there will be some amazing food vendors and it is okay to eat taco’s every day. If you need to go back to camp and have some alone time, do it. Check your FOMO at the gate- the whole weekend will be awesome and if your body is asking for a rest, listen to it. And remember- your body loves water just as much as it loves sangria so guzzle that sh!t.

5. Beating the Post-Festival Blues

Even if you have followed the above steps to a T, you might still be missing the mountain vibes upon your return home. May I suggest having some amazing music to listen to on the drive home, taking a lot of festival photos you can reminisce over for weeks to come, spending as much time in the sunshine soaking up the Vitamin D, and spending some quality time with the important people in your life. Also, pizza.  Part of festival life means packing up at the end of the weekend but there is no reason we can’t carry on the positive vibes!

Whether this is your first festival or your 50th, the above things can definitely play a part in your festival experience. So dance like nobody is watching, make new friends, and above all, prepare to have the most fun. We will see you on the mountain!