How To Make A Boss Campsite

Although the main purpose of attending Tall Tree is to enjoy the music and the many amazing stages put together by the talented workers and volunteers of the festival, I have to admit that the camping aspect is a close second. Everyone needs a comfortable place to chill between sets so that they can re-charge and reignite the fire needed to keep going all night long. Here are some tips on how to make your camping space an incredibly cozy place to chill.



This year’s Tall Tree Music Festival has several Glamping options. With two different circus-tent-like choices, Tall Tree Glamping is probably the best way to go for those who want a full glamping experience. For $800 you receive a 4 metre tent sleeping a max of 3 people. Or, a 5 metre tent for $1000 that sleeps up to 4 people. Both options come with too many perks to list but include carpet, mirror, beds, bedding, etc.


Another great option this year is Fest Huts, a pre-set up mini waterproof cabin which makes it easier to pack your stuff in and out of Tall Tree. The hut fits a maximum of 2 sleepers and is 7.2 FT x 4.9 FT x 4.3 FT. You can even take it home with you if you’d like or leave it for them to deal with! It’s waterproof, party proof and recyclable! A premium ocean view will cost you $100 or a forest view for only $80. So instead of purchasing a new tent, why not give this option a try?


Covered Area

Whether you bring a tarp or Gazebo, having a covered area is a must to keep out the morning mist and blazing mid-day sun. Tall Tree is well known for its array of weather so no matter what, the protection will come in handy at some point throughout the weekend. Keep your items dry and sunburns at bay with waterproof protection. Last year my partner and I lived out of our van so I set up the gazebo just over the trunk area so we had our own private little living room when getting in and out of our evening abode. Best idea ever.



Don’t know what to do with all those sarongs & tapestries you bought while traveling? Setting up camp with them is the perfect solution. I like to hang them from the sides of my gazebo to create a more private atmosphere for costume changes and to easily find my camp when the sun sets. Others drape them as artistic pieces in an exhibit so passersby  can admire them. Either way, it’s a great way to put your personal stamp on your campsite and make it your own safe haven, but be sure to devise a way to pull them back so you can enjoy the million dollar views.



You can never have too much seating at your campsite. Inevitably someone will break their camping chair or dent your cooler from using it as a seat. Be prepared and bring two chairs per person, that way you have plenty of room for guests and nobody is left sitting in the dirt.

Party Beacon

Your campsite can easily become buried in a sea of tents so bring a party beacon: a helium balloon or flag will do or get creative! Prayer flags can also be a great guide when stumbling home during the dark of night.



Head to Homesense or Canadian Tire to grab some battery powered lights to string around your campsite for a perfectly chill vibe during the dark nights. The twinkle of these lights easily compliment the starry sky and can make your new living room the perfect hang out when the rain decides to pay a visit. Another option is freshly cracked glow sticks hung around the site or wrapped around your tent strings and pegs so people don’t trip over them at night. You can also purchase solar lights to place around your campsite which of course is a lot better for the environment.

Carpet Outside of Tent

When the rain hits things tend to become muddy so put some carpeting right outside the front door of your tent to give yourself a clean surface to take off or put on your shoes. The last thing you want is your tent to become tarnished with mud.

Kitchen Area

Something that is often overlooked is the setup of a kitchen area. This space is not only a place to prepare food but also where you can wash up in the morning and at night. What I usually do is set up my camp stove beside the cooler and use the cooler top as a food prep area. This is where I store my water, food supplies, soap, dishes, and a water basin. Additionally, I keep a washcloth in a plastic bag to clean up before bed. The best feeling in the world? Hot boiled water in the morning (use for coffee/tea as well) poured over your washcloth to clean your face and hands before applying the day’s festival look.


Cocktail Bar

No kitchen area is complete without a cocktail bar. I’ve even seen people with battery powered margarita mixers! Make sure you bring a small plastic container filled with Caesar rimmer, bitters, fresh mint, or any other garnishes you may want to add to your Jug or Bubba Keg for the day.

What do you like to add to your campsite to add a personal twist? Or what other essential items did I miss? Feel free to comment below and share your wisdom!


Kalisi Luv

Twitter/Instagram: @Kalisiluv