The Lovers Guide To Tall Tree!

Every year at Tall Tree Music Festival participants come from all over to trek up the mountain alone, with friends, or with their spouse. Over the years we’ve heard love stories of all kinds, people meeting for the first time on beautiful Brown’s Mountain, and couples saying “Yes” to marriage proposals. In fact, just last year DJ Anger hosted a beautiful surprise proposal for his long time girlfriend Aleshia at the Valley Stage! Whether it is the music, or the magical atmosphere, Tall Tree can bring two kindred spirits together for one weekend of adventure and fulfillment. Whether you’ve just met on the mountain or have come up for an experience of a lifetime, here are our tips for making Tall Tree the perfect place to get closer to the one you’re crushing on.



  • Have a laugh. In my opinion humour is key in any relationship. Whether you share a passion for dad jokes or appreciate dark humour, making sure you and your lover can share a laugh is integral in any relationship. So, why not take your date to the Stump and Stone on Saturday or Sunday for a good chuckle? One of the things I love the most about my partner is his ability to make me laugh with his offbeat humour and ridiculous accents. Haven’t found the one yet? Hit the comedy hours up solo, sit with some strangers, and see who laughs as much as you do in order to pick out your perfect match.




  • Take her out for lunch! On Saturday at 2:00pm bring your bae to the Main Stage for a Pizza Party with Mt. Doyle! Bring two drink tickets or $10 for two pieces of pizza and enjoy a slice Lady and the Tramp style while listening to some smooth and sexy liquid drum and bass. The taste of melted cheese on your hubby’s lips and the sound of bass vibrating through your body is bound to get you in the mood 😉




  • Go on an adventure. This year Tall Tree has invested some of last year’s revenue into art installation grants! Grab some snacks and a bottle of water and explore the festival grounds to see what you can find. Rumour has it there is a waterfall, tree house and mini lake hidden somewhere on the grounds. Take in the views from perches on the edge of the mountain and discover new additions to this year’s layout. The best memories are those you create together.




  • Feed him breakfast. After practicing some self-care and getting a few hours sleep, take him out for breakfast! Neon Steve plans on reinvigorating your dancing feet Sunday morning from 9am-11am.  Hit up one of our delicious food carts to grab some grub and get your daily dose of nutrients with your Tall Tree Wellness Passport. When you’re done, venture off to the Stump and Stone to nourish your tired toes and snuggle up to some soothing beats before another playful day with friends.


IMG_9547 (1)


  • Couple’s Costumes. If you haven’t  yet heard, each day at Tall Tree has a unique theme. Friday’s theme is “Galactic”, Saturday is “All Things Gold” and Sunday is “Under the Sea”. What better way to show off your compatibility than to dress in matching costumes? I’m thinking the Little Mermaid and Eric, or perhaps Goldfinger and one of his beautiful damsels. Not quite coupled up yet? Perhaps you’ll find your perfect match over the weekend!



  • Cheers to your relationship. Check out the Champagne and float party put on by Illvis Freshly at the Stump and Stone at 5:30pm Sunday! Bring a festive floaty and a few drink tickets in order to participate fully in the shenanigans that are sure to occur once these boys hit the stage. Perhaps you can even meet the person of your dreams as you gaze across the crowd and see, yes, a matching pineapple floaty held by the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen. What a great conversation starter.




  • The Love Shack. This year my man and I will be doing something extra special by spoiling ourselves with a Glamping Package. What says I love you more than a fully-set up campsite with no arguments over who forgot the tent poles and pillows at home? There are many ways to make your little home-away-from-home extraordinary so check out my article “How to make a Boss Campsite” for more tips!


Tall Tree’s environment is sure to bring out the most attractive parts of your wild and free soul. So whether you came with your lover, are looking for that special someone, or plan on flying solo, Tall Tree Music Festival has lots of opportunities for you to open yourself up to new connections. Engage in all that the festival has to offer and jump out of your comfort zone to explore new things,  you’ll never know what your Tall Tree Love Story might be.

Words: Kalisi Luv ❤
Photos: Matt Love