The Experts Share Who Not To Miss at Tall Tree

Most people attend music festivals to listen to some of their favourite tunes, and watch their favourite artists live. However, it is also the perfect chance to expand one’s horizons and listen to different types of music or seek out new talent in their preferred genre.  I spoke with some of the artists of this year’s Tall Tree Music Festival to find out who they are most excited for in hopes it will help you to step out of your comfort zone and check into some stages and sounds you’re unfamiliar with.

Here is this year’s Top List according to the artists themselves:

DJ Nu-Mark


“I’m most excited to see DJ Nu-Mark and Mat the Alien because they are both amazing turntablists and always keep you on your toes!”  – Stylust Beats

“Nu-Mark is a staple in the world-wide DJ scene. He has been one of the most innovative, original, risky DJ’s I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Jurassic 5 was one of the first hip hop groups I ever heard, and Jayou was a track I would constantly bump while skating through suburban southern Ontario. Have a watch of this for Nu-Mark playing with toys” – Kyle Waddington

“DJ Nu-Mark because I have a fond memory of seeing him play in San Francisco when I was in my mid 20’s.  I was in the city for a few nights, and saw he was playing with another artist I liked, J-Live.  I went to the show and it was a very small venue, great scene, and Charli 2NA showed up and rhymed on a few tracks and it was just such a positive, respectful vibe.” – Jon of Jon and Roy

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club
Brooklyn, New York
October 2015

“My connection with Tokyo Police Club is actually rooted pretty deep with my photography and how my nightlife work all began. Saturday, May 17th, 2008, almost exactly 9 years ago, Tokyo Police Club performed at Sugar Nightclub and that was my first gig ever, shooting in a club atmosphere. Not to mention, that at the time I was a pretty big fan of their music but TPC has always had a place in my heart, even though I don’t really dig that style of music anymore. Safe to say I am really excited to experience some nostalgia at Tall Tree Music Festival and see them Live again.” – Xavier

“I’ve gone through a Tokyo Police Club phase like 15 separate times since my teens, and every one is better and better. I love how over the years their sound has transformed yet always stays true to their original steeze. This will be my first time checking them out live, Stoked.” – Kyle Waddington

“Hard to say who I’m most excited to see with such a killer lineup! But I’m definitely super stoked for Tokyo Police Club. For lack of a better explanation… their music just makes you feel good. So having the chance to see them live for the first time at Tall Tree is awesome.” – Steph from The New Groovement

Easy Star All Stars

“Quality Dub” – Mat The Alien

“Easy Star All Stars because I love Reggae music, and they have done some amazing reggae renditions of some classic albums.” – Jon of Jon and Roy

“I’m really excited to see The Easy Star All Stars. They are musical legends and Dub Side of the Moon is one of my favourite albums to chill out to.  Also, all the homies!! I love how communal the lineup of Tall Tree is every year and 2017 is no exception!” – Dan of Illvis Freshly and The New Groovement

Emotionz ft. J-Leon

“I’d have to say I’m most excited to see J Leon make his way up here from Costa Rica. Dude is on fire! He’s an amazing producer. I just keep getting blown away by every new tune of his i hear. I saw him play down at Bamboo Bass Fest earlier this year and he played one the best sets of the weekend hands down. Amazing guy too so I’m excited for him to come up here and experience how we do things on the island.” – Pigeon Hole



“Youngblood. I saw her at a music BC industry thing and she’s got the stuff. Mega vocals and a  sexy vibe to back up her tunes which are great. I think folks are going to like her a lot. She’s going to make waves over the next few years. Mark my words ;)” – Jesse Roper

“They’ve been on a couple of other festival bills with us and I’ve never been able to catch their set, but I’ve met them and they’re hilarious!  I may be biased, but I love bands with a badass woman leading the gents and Alexis Young is clearly a force to be reckoned with!”- Elli Hart of Dirty Mountain

Mt. Doyle and Illvis Freshly

“Mt. Doyle is a God damn legendary gentleman. If it wasn’t for Doyle it may have taken a couple more years for me to get the honour of playing at Tall Tree. Doyle and I always have a little trick up our sleeves for his TT performance, which always seems to be the happiest crowd I have seen on such a consistent basis. Doyle has, as smooth as eggs may I just say, taken over as the DJ in the non-stop, party rock, unstoppable force that is Illvis Freshly. These cats showed me first hand what 4 like minded, passionate, driven, dirtballs can truly do when they put it all out there as a unit. The standard I have set now when it comes to performances is much higher (which isn’t always great for the confidence, but very necessary) due to Phil, Jesus, Dan, and Justin’s drive and focus. Every show there’s something special and that’s why the two acts are some of my most anticipated at Tall Tree.” – Kyle Waddington


“I have been a big K-Lab fan since I first heard Mothership at Shambhala a few years back but have somehow always missed him whenever he comes to Vic.  So he is on my bucket list for sure.” – Dan of Illvis Freshly and The New Groovement

Beats Antique

“For their unique world influence Bass Music” – Mat the Alien


“[I’m] most excited to see [my] home country heroes Shapeshifter because they are the best live drum and bass act in the world.” – David Rollie (SkiiTour)

Fox Glove

“I’m a sucker for vocal harmonies and I love their sound.  Their sets at Song and Surf, and Rifflandia last year blew me away.  I saw David Satori playing with Dirtwire in Nelson this winter and really like what they’re doing.  So I was excited to hear that Beats Antique would be at Tall Tree and stoked to see what they’re getting up to.” – Sean from Moontrix

Marcus Visionary

“Dance Hall influenced proper DnB” – Mat the Alien

Jesse Roper


“I saw Roper’s show on Salt Spring not long ago and have been dying to see him live again.” – Steph from The New Groovement

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Kalisi Luv

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