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June 22

The Experts Share Who Not To Miss at Tall Tree

Most people attend music festivals to listen to some of their favourite tunes, and watch their favourite artists live. However, it is also the perfect chance to expand one’s horizons and listen to different types of music or seek out new talent in their preferred genre.  I spoke with some of the artists of this […]

June 22

Get to know DJ All Good

Most important part of a music festival: the music. We are getting super stoked to check out all the insanely talented artists that will be gracing the mountain this year, and I had the chance to ask local island stretch legend, DJ All Good, a few questions about the art of turntablism, music, and of […]

June 25

Tall Cherry Tree Popped: Five Alarm Funk Debut

Last week I spoke with Tayo Branston, the drummer and a vocalist from the seasoned and electrifying musical outfit Five Alarm Funk. We had a chance to talk briefly about the kick-off to their 5th cross-country tour happening at Tall Tree this weekend, and about how the nine-man team will keep up their act through […]

January 24

Feature Artist: Luca Fogale

Luca Fogale writes music about real life, inspired by the human condition and the indescribable ways that music affects us. Defining himself as a folk musician, he draws great influence from classic poets and songwriters alike in order to create music that conveys awareness and communicates a powerful message to the listener, a quality that […]

January 01

Featured Artist – Dougal Bain McLean

Dougal Bain McLean is the man pictured when you think of the quintessential British Columbian roots-rock musician. Heartwarming and expressive, rustic and outdoorsy, bearded and bright eyed, Dougal comes complete with a voice that is smooth with a bite; an endearing sincerity lies beneath the grit of his inspired howls. He possesses a musical versatility […]

November 08

Betty and Kora Interview The Funk Hunters

Betty and Kora ask the age old question: are water-slides better than slip n’ slides? The Funk Hunters decide.

October 24

The Seen Interviews Jesse Roper

The Roper Show has been touring non stop for the past 3 years. His faithful vans wheels keep turning and the music keeps getting better and better. This summer he released his debut cd which is a mixture of blues rooted soul rock’n country funk that puts scuffs on any dance floor. Jesse has shared […]